Sun Shine Nugget Wheat Grinder Silver

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The Nugget's™ superior design and high quality grinding stones give you fine flour the first pass through the mill.  It can be easily adjusted to produce any consistency between very fine flour and coarse cereal.

The entire mill can be cleaned by removing one screw, taking the rotating stone off and simply brushing out the milling chamber.

The grain hopper is over one quart in capacity and is a permanent part of the mill's one piece design - no need to worry about accidental grain spills during grinding.

A pan fits easily under the stones to catch the flour as it is milled, with no need for special apparatus or aprons to funnel the flour.

The Nugget™ has been designed with special bearings that extend the life of the mill by eliminating excessive wear of the drive shaft. This design also allows the Nugget™ to be attached to your own electric motor or exercise machine for even easier use. Just remove the handle and attach a 12" to 14" pulley wheel - the milling shaft has already been modified with a keyway for easy hookup.