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INGREDIENTS: cypress, geranium, hyssop, orange sweet

AFFINITY FOR: veins, capillaries

RESONANCE: physical

APPLICATION: LeVisibility should be diluted and applied wherever there are broken capillaries or damaged veins. Be sure to dilute very well if applying to hemorrhoids.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: Capillaries are the finest branches of the blood vessel system. They are fragile and can be easily damaged. LeVisibility promotes capillary health and reduces both the visibility and the pain of broken or weak capillaries. These broken capillaries sometimes appear on the face or as “spider veins” on the legs.

Broken capillaries can be quite painful because they impede proper circulation. Restless Leg Syndrome (where the legs feel tingly, “asleep”, and painful, especially when you are at rest) is caused by broken capillaries. These capillaries may be seen or unseen. LeVisibility, applied to the legs at bedtime, often brings relief. LeVisibility is also good for varicose veins. Always massage upward from the feet when working on vein health.

EMOTIONAL / SPIRITUAL / MENTAL ASPECTS: Any oil to which orange sweet has been added will lift the spirits and bring relief from sadness. Geranium and orange sweet together always act to eliminate mental and emotional fatigue and to stabilize the high and low mood swings that are typical of circulatory dysfunction.