Saratoga Jacks Sourdough Starter

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Saratoga Jacks Living Sourdough Starter.
Highly proofed, hardy Sourdough Starter which originated from the Czech Republic Region of Eastern Europe. Making quality healthy artisan bread for more than 200 years. We have cultivated it, and shared it for our breads, and to help others enjoy its benefits from Saratoga Springs, Utah.
The flavor is unique it is mild enough that when you add some ginger powder to the dough-it tastes almost like French bread!  
Sour enough that when you add Savory seasoning to the is rich deep traditional European Artisan Sourdough. It is our Favorite Start for a reason. 
It works well with Cinnamon Rolls or with 12 grain nut bread...and always great just in our simple original sourdough recipe.
Comes with getting started Feeding Instructions inside the package, 
and our Sourdough Recipe Card as well...with instructions on how to make our Traditional Basic Sourdough Recipe as well as how to make your own unique Artisan variations to make truly one of a kind bread for your family to enjoy for generations.
Saratoga Jacks 

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